Open Web Technology Vietnam

Open Web Technology Vietnam is a well-established Information Technology firm based in Vietnam that originated in Switzerland. We connect fast-growing, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs with the technology expertise they need to realize their Software Development projects at the right price.

Initially established in 2012 in Switzerland as a software development hub exclusively working with Swiss enterprises, the team's strong expertise and robust methodology have attracted new clients all around Europe and Asia. We are now organized for growth, and together with our network of partners, we aim to become a major actor in Southeast Asia.

Our talented team of experts is ready to implement a wide range of projects from Da Nang, Vietnam. We are an experienced, agile team of full-stack developers, front-end developers, quality engineers, product owners, UI/UX designers, cloud-certified system administrators and AI chatbot specialist who have been working closely together for nearly two decades.

Exploring new technologies, new ways of thinking and new skills is what unites us and makes us succeed. We are pioneers and we move fast. One step at a time

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Our team

Our company fosters a challenging environment that inspires innovation and unwavering dedication to our clients' business objectives. We are devoted to attaining perfection, performing with excellence, and continually assessing and evolving. Through ongoing innovation and reinvention, we encourage teamwork and collaboration among our members. Additionally, we prioritize not only professional growth but also the creation of a positive and inclusive workplace culture, ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of our employees.


Our working space

Our team are stationed in an aesthetically pleasing structure, characterized by spacious open areas that encourage a collaborative and airy atmosphere. The surroundings are a verdant garden, offering a tranquil backdrop that provides a serene environment for creative and focused technical work.

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